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Flip-Target Max

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Flip-Target’s working principle is quite simple. With every hit, the target rotates around its central axis and rolls over 15cm (6″).  A new impact zone will stand up, ready to be shot.
For experienced shooters as well as novices just looking for a little fun, flip-target provides ongoing challenges with every hit.
A bullseye shot makes the Flip-Target move forth continuously on just about any terrain. Thanks to this re-positioning system of the target the shooter can establish their positioning of distance and difficulty as desired.


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  • Impact areas made of high-resistance AR500 steel that absorbs the clash of projectiles even from a short distance
  • Vibrant red and yellow colour
  • Easy assembly system
  • Structure made of POLEX
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Bullseye diameter 60mm or 2.4″

This product is supported with a resistance certificate, making them the ONLY targets in the world with such qualifications. Beware of imitations.

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